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Samuel from Thunder hybrid high school/ SamXCows by XDancingCowsX Samuel from Thunder hybrid high school/ SamXCows :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 1 The footsteps- Samuel Taki and CowsCantDance by XDancingCowsX The footsteps- Samuel Taki and CowsCantDance :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 1 1 My Oc From Thunder Hybrid Highschool by XDancingCowsX My Oc From Thunder Hybrid Highschool :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 8 RP Generator by XDancingCowsX RP Generator :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0 RP Generator by XDancingCowsX RP Generator :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0 Im watching you by XDancingCowsX Im watching you :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0 Pokeball by XDancingCowsX Pokeball :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0 Pokeball  by XDancingCowsX Pokeball :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0
The life of a Chicken Chapter 1: IT'S FRIED TIME
James was a Chicken Nugget but when someone takes him for a "Bite" of his life it would be great if no one ate him......
Jame's P.O.V.
Seeing my friends get eaten by stupid big people strikes fear in me "Bob, Do we have a chance at surivial?" i asked the nearest Chicken Nugget next to me that haven't been fried yet "Well James i don't know yet but i think this is your lucky day your going to be fried to death!!" he told me and i ran to my oldest living brother that was standing next to me.
"Bob you shouldn't scare him like that" he told bob with a serious look on his face "Well it's true that cook over there is out of Chicken nuggets to fried so he heading for your brother right now"  Bob told my brother and as they were bickering back and forth i let out a scream before the cook took me of course no one fudging pay attention to me so when some other fried nugget said "James it looks like it's your lucky day man your going to be tan" my brother turned quickly and leaped for the co
:iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0
Last time i saw you,You were insane by XDancingCowsX Last time i saw you,You were insane :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 1 Sacred Fireball by XDancingCowsX Sacred Fireball :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 1 1 Pikachu {remake} ^-^ by XDancingCowsX Pikachu {remake} ^-^ :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 1 0 Cynaquill  by XDancingCowsX Cynaquill :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0 Im back  by XDancingCowsX Im back :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 0
Young authors entry: Jack the dog
Once a upon a time there was a dog, He was a nice little dog the dog lived with his owner in New York City the dog had one special talent and that talent was that his whole dog family can talk human.The dog's name was Jack he is a Jack Russell Terrier mixed with a German Shepherd  he had white markings and a brown spot on his back Jack's owner did the same things each day, But this day was different he drove to a country side where there was cows and a bright red barn. Jack didn't know that  he was visiting his parents Holly and Robert to see the brightest thing he ever saw 4 puppies laying on there sides next to the mother Holly. "There beautiful" Jack said sitting next to the nearest pole in the barn door  Jacks owners name was bill Jack thought he did everything for him to stay with his mother durning the few first weeks of his life  working at the farm house,paying the bills even know that the house that they had for years was bankrupted one of jack's Cousin's &
:iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 1
ME As a Pokemon Trainer Kinda by XDancingCowsX ME As a Pokemon Trainer Kinda :iconxdancingcowsx:XDancingCowsX 0 1


NOPE by XBnemesisX NOPE :iconxbnemesisx:XBnemesisX 10 2 Found this XD by XiamreallyboredX Found this XD :iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 3 0 Diancie by TheJewelOfIsis Diancie :iconthejewelofisis:TheJewelOfIsis 75 12 Am I still too young for a tattoo? by XiamreallyboredX Am I still too young for a tattoo? :iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 7 6 Such Grump by TsaoShin Such Grump :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 5,749 570 Such Arcanine by TsaoShin Such Arcanine :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 8,791 1,209 PC3 by XBnemesisX PC3 :iconxbnemesisx:XBnemesisX 1 0
THs Pokeverse Adventures- Prologue
~Bnemesis' P.O.V.~
-TH Base, 3:00 P.M.-
 "Guys, I have a new adventure for us all!" I said. Everyone groaned. Well, almost everyone. The people in our 'friendship circle' of sorts- a circular table in my room we all sat around- were as follows: me at the head, on a pink cushion; Merlyn to my left, on a magenta cushion; Morgan next to her, on a sky blue doggy pillow (don't ask); Madelyn next to Morgan, on a 'cubby blue' soft carpet piece; and linking maddy and I was Autumn -Sorry, MMX, gotta use real names for this-, on a royal purple pillow cushion I gave her. Camron wasn't there, since he would rather stay at base. Besides. It's girls only!
 Let me explain their groans and complaints. Last time I brought them on an adventure, we ended up in the middle of nowhere in a forest filled with tainted wolves. These wolves were filled with negative energy, so they attacked instantly, making us have to run for our lives and get scratched and whacked by numerous things. Woohoo. Fun. (N
:iconxbnemesisx:XBnemesisX 2 8
Almighty Palmieri by XBnemesisX Almighty Palmieri :iconxbnemesisx:XBnemesisX 1 0 Brainstorm by XBnemesisX Brainstorm :iconxbnemesisx:XBnemesisX 1 0
Never leave me alone on a skype group chat
Never Leave Me On This Chat Alone You Will Regret It....‏

I'm bored ...‏
I want a Tardis :( it is Awesome! :D
I still want one‏

I want to travel all of space and time!‏
and met a DALEK!!! :D maybe...‏

my stupid Skype is glitching‏

brb I'm reopening skype‏
ok back...
:iconxmerlynmlx:XMerlynmlX 2 2
TH Budder Apple Madness by XMerlynmlX TH Budder Apple Madness :iconxmerlynmlx:XMerlynmlX 2 2 Achievement Get: Cake Decoration! by XiamreallyboredX Achievement Get: Cake Decoration! :iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 6 39 Look at the cords! by XiamreallyboredX Look at the cords! :iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 2 14 Skylox hoodies :3 by XiamreallyboredX Skylox hoodies :3 :iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 4 7 Get me down! by XiamreallyboredX Get me down! :iconxiamreallyboredx:XiamreallyboredX 8 14



The footsteps- Samuel Taki and CowsCantDance
On Wattpad I'm making a Spinoff of Thunder Hybrid High school. Where we are in the real life world and not in the Minecraft world. The one with Blonde hair is Samuel and the one with Brown hair is ME
My Oc From Thunder Hybrid Highschool
This is a drawing of Samuel Taki (AKA My OC from Thunder Hybrid Highschool)
#CCDofficial I have a new group!! It's in the works, but click the join button!! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Pokemon - Pichu [Excited] [V.1] Reaction Ribbon: OMG! 


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Madelyn Elise Hafley
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hey guys so I'm CCD and this is my main account I also have Wattpad and I'm in team hybrid as you already heard I'm a Ender ice dragon hybrid hope u have fun on my thing and watch me so I could be happy


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